LIRC irsend with <onclick> not working

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 with the latest Krypton test build (16.8-161).
I built a new skin based on Estouchy to better use a touchscreen. Within this new skin I made a new window on the home screen, which is supposed to control an led strip by using an infrared LED.
I prepared LIRC and it works with sending commands via SSH like irsend -d /run/lirc/lircd-lirc0 SEND_ONCE "LED" "KEY_POWER". I’m aware that it doesn’t work without the ‘-d /run/lirc/lircd-lirc0’.
I configured a button with <onclick>LIRC.Send(SEND_ONCE LED KEY_POWER</onclick>. Unfortunately that doesn’t work. The only thing that works is calling a script: <onclick>System.Exec(/home/osmc/Skripte/</onclick>. The downside by using a shell script is that the audio stucks when pressing that button on the touchscreen.

Is there any solution to directly using ‘LIRC.Send’?

Ok I could manage it by the help of this fix.

I made a new python file:

import os,sys

def main(args):
    os.system("irsend -d /run/lirc/lircd-lirc0 " +" ".join(args))

if __name__ == '__main__':

Then I edited the custom window:

> <onclick>RunScript(/home/osmc/Skripte/,
> SEND_ONCE LED KEY_UP)</onclick>

> <onclick>RunScript(/home/osmc/Skripte/,
> ...