Lirc with alsa_usb

I’ve tried to use remote control from Creative Sound Blaster X-fi 5.1 sound card which I suppose needs alsa_usb driver compiled into lirc. Is there a reason that this driver is not within standard armv7-remote-osmc package?


See my post here, if you haven’t already :wink:

I think this is built in driver:
Not sure if available in 0.9.0.

Anyway I give up on this device because I can’t get 5.1 audio working on it. So won’t use ir receiver either.

Thanks for answer.

It look like the soundcard is supporting 5.1 channels now on OSMC, but i cannot get the remote to work I have the lirc.conf for the remote, i’ve added it to /etc/lirc folder.
Any way i can make this work? Will install lirc from sources work or mess with OSMC?
It looks like this:

this config file was automatically generated

using lirc-0.8.2(sb0540) on Tue Jan 15 23:36:06 2008

contributed by MesseR

brand: Creative

model no. of remote control: RM-1800

devices being controlled by this remote: Soundblaster X-Fi USB Receiver

begin remote

name Creative_RM-1800
bits 16
eps 30
aeps 100

header 9078 4671
one 663 1607
zero 663 497
ptrail 662
repeat 9078 2216
pre_data_bits 16
pre_data 0x8322
gap 106974 300000
toggle_bit_mask 0x0

  begin codes
      KEY_POWER                0x619E                    #  Was: Power
      X_KEY_4bit               0x916E                    #  Was: KEY_4bit
      X_KEY_4bit_Up            0x926D                    #  Was: KEY_4bit_Up
      X_KEY_4bit_Down          0x936C                    #  Was: KEY_4bit_Down
      CMSS                     0x718E
      CMSS_Up                  0x946B
      CMSS_Down                0x956A
      EAX                      0x8C73
      EAX_Up                   0x9669
      EAX_Down                 0x9768
      X_KEY_3dMidi             0x9867                    #  Was: KEY_3dMidi
      X_KEY_3dMidi_Up          0x9966                    #  Was: KEY_3dMidi_Up
      X_KEY_3dMidi_Down        0x9A65                    #  Was: KEY_3dMidi_Down
      KEY_MUTE                 0x6E91                    #  Was: Mute
      KEY_VOLUMEUP             0x629D                    #  Was: Vol_Up
      KEY_VOLUMEDOWN           0x639C                    #  Was: Vol_Down
      KEY_UP                   0x7B84                    #  Was: Up
      KEY_LEFT                 0x6B94                    #  Was: Left
      KEY_RIGHT                0x728D                    #  Was: Right
      KEY_REWIND               0x8778                    #  Was: Rew
      KEY_OK                   0x817E                    #  Was: Ok
      KEY_FORWARD              0x758A                    #  Was: Fwd
      KEY_DOWN                 0x8D72                    #  Was: Down
      KEY_ENTER                0x8E71                    #  Was: Return
      KEY_PLAY                 0x8877                    #  Was: Start
      KEY_CANCEL               0x7C83                    #  Was: Cancel
      KEY_RECORD               0x738C                    #  Was: Rec
      KEY_OPTION               0x827D                    #  Was: Options
      Display                  0x7689
      KEY_PREVIOUS             0x7F80                    #  Was: Previous
      KEY_PLAY                 0x7986                    #  Was: Play
      KEY_NEXT                 0x7A85                    #  Was: Next
      KEY_SLOW                 0x7D82                    #  Was: Slow
      KEY_STOP                 0x857A                    #  Was: Stop
      KEY_1                    0x8B74                    #  Was: 1
      KEY_2                    0x8F70                    #  Was: 2
      KEY_3                    0x906F                    #  Was: 3
      KEY_4                    0x8A75                    #  Was: 4
      KEY_5                    0x847B                    #  Was: 5
      KEY_6                    0x7887                    #  Was: 6
      KEY_7                    0x8976                    #  Was: 7
      KEY_8                    0x837C                    #  Was: 8
      KEY_9                    0x7788                    #  Was: 9
      KEY_0                    0x807F                    #  Was: 0
  end codes

end remote