Lirc1 active instead of lirc0

I successfully created a remote.conf using irrecord - but it needed the -d /dev/lirc1 option to show the reactions expected. Now neither osmc reacts, nor does irw. So I guess the reason could be that my remote (sender: Technisat TS35, receiver: Phillips MCE) is active at lirc1, and osmc is listening at lirc0.

What can I do?


Symlink to /dev/lirc0.

Pretty sure we spawn an LIRC daemon for each device node though, using a parameterised systemd target. @DBMandrake?

I could not come to any clou. When trying

ln -s /dev/lirc1 /dev/lirc0

(or vice versa, I never know which one has to come first), I get

“link cannot be created, file already exists”.

Anyway, I’m completely lost with lirc.
Here are the logs - how can I make it work?

Thanks for your patience!

Again, I tried to purge and reinstall the lirc packages, to my understanding these are


But I always get an Error1 when trying to configure the armv7-eventlircd-osmc package - may it be within the install routine or manually by dpkg --configure armv7-eventlircd-osmc.