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I am having issues watching live streams from youtube. e.g. euronews english live in my case. Plays one seconds then quits

Is this issue applicable to OSMC?

Can upload logs later if the kodi thread isn’t the cause.


Check last post from the thread you posted: Kodi Community Forum

Thanks for helping OP with this.

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Hi, so the solution is wait for the youtube addon to be updated?

If you want to wait for a stable release yes, but as the dev points out the issue is fixed in their alpha7 build : Release 6.3.0-dev: Merge pull request #500 from anxdpanic/pr · jdf76/ · GitHub

If you need streams to work now get that and if you in the future dont want to be on a alpha build delete that and install new stable once that is released… Or maybe kodi will automatically update from alpha7 to new stable once new stable is out I don’t know.

Thanks a lot.

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I’ve just discovered that YouTube live streams are broken, although I’m still on an older build where they previously worked.

sudo uname -a
Linux Osmc_Vero_4K 3.14.29-132-osmc #1 SMP Mon Nov 26 00:05:01 UTC 2018 aarch64 GNU/Linux

All the multiple mpeg-dash settings are still in place. There is no update available to the YouTube plug-in that I can see.

I looked at the massive thread on the Kodi forum, however the recent discussions are about installations on Android, and beta versions which don’t seem to work.

Should I just leave this alone until the next osmc update, or will it not help?

Seems that an update of the YouTube add-on is the solution. No update of OSMC will change that.

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Thanks for the comment @ActionA.
I assume youtube changed the api yet again, causing the regression of live stream playback.


Sadly you’re not the only one experiencing this problem.
Looks like some updates to YouTube add-on are needed.



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