Live TV Audio/Video out of sync

When I watch a Live TV Stream from my VDR Server over the VDR-VNSI Plugin on the Vero Audio and Video are out of sync. It varies from channel to channel on ZDF HD the lag between Audio and Video is almost tolerable but on Pro Sieben HD Video is a few seconds behind the Audio.

Raspbmc on Raspberry Pi 1B on the same network (actually right next to the Vero) has no Problem. Since I do watch much Live TV this is a Dealbreaker for me.

I have tried it every other day, always updating OSMC to the latest version but it is not getting better. Am I missing a setting or something else?

The Vero has issues with some HD content regardless of it’s source. I have yet to find any clarity on the forums as to whether it is a hardware or software problem and if it may be fixed in future updates.

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Do you by any chance know if this is truly vero related? Would you think it would be better on a Raspberry Pi 2 with OSMC?

Have you looked through the Vero performance thread? Can you try some of the video samples linked to in it and see how they do on your Vero? From that thread, it sounds like there are some performance fixes on the way.

Yes, the issues may very well be hardware related from what I’ve been reading. If that’s the case it may not be “fixable” with an update. I have a RP2 running along side my Vero and it does outperform it both in the speed of the menus and it’s ability to play the 1080P-60 content and at less than half the price. I also have a RP-B that is able to handle the HD content that the Vero, as of now, can’t.

That has been my experience as well with the very similar to Vero device cubox-i2 and with the rpi2. Most of the testing being done by the imx6 developers is on 1080p and 1080i at 50fps which is typical in Europe. I think I saw that you are in the usa or canada (I am in usa) so like me you’re dealing with 60fps instead. It is quite possible that the imx6 hardware, at least in the devices made by solidrun (all indications are that the Vero is made by solidrun) won’t ever handle 1080p60 or 1080i60, at least not for ALL content.

I’m holding out hope that the latest patches do work for all cases but I’m also being realistic.

It won’t. It’s too much for this hardware. The hw is (concerning th data sheet) capable of decoding 1080p30 and 1080i60 @266Mhz. This only talks about decoding(!). Rendering in the same moment goes via the very same bus. 1080p60 won’t ever be possible in a smooth way a Baytrail, a 4 year old E350 AMD or even a RPi2 will be able to do this.

As the VPU is clocked a bit higher, we currently get 1080p50 (on an i4) and smooth 1080i50, but also only with 25 deinterlaced frames. It’s far away from IMX_DOUBLE output, which would do 50 fps. The Pi here does “only” bobbing, but yeah - who cares it runs those streams in a watchable way.

The data sheet is here:
And btw. all those imx6 facts were known long before the Vero started to ship. The - spare time developers - including me, have maxed out the capabilities imx hw can do, from my pov more is not possible.

Some cosmetics perhaps, non reframes dropping, to not get out of sync - but yeah, it won’t compete against the Pi2.

I happily use my i4 as a weekend NAS, with esata und ~ 25 MB/s network via nfs - something a Pi2 cannot do. Though kodi wise, if your use case is 1080p60 or 1080i60 - get other hardware.

Thanks for the details fritsch! You’ve confirmed what I thought to be the case. I too am baffled at why the flagship device for OSMC is the imx6 based Vero when these issues/limitations have been known for some time (I’ve had my imx6 device since March 2014).

For something to be a great “average consumer” device, it needs to have perfect playback for every typical use case. While it might be ok in Europe with 50fps, it may not be here in North America with our 60fps standards.

At the Vero price point, I was also very surprised it didn’t come with the quad core imx6 variant instead of the dual-lite. As you mentioned, the i4 has bit more headroom for “perfect” playback.

I can’t answer that question. I only liked the form factor back in 2k14, when I bought one myself for christmas to play with it. Then it was fun hacking on it, to get the maximum out of it.

I am in no way related to the marketing department of vero, but the user input here I highly appreciate - as this brought the platform even further. Therefore I am interested in making this platform (as it’s an official kodi platform, imx6 that is) as good as possible. And I think from “upstream” pov - we are there.

Sorry, that you bought it with other usecases in mind. Next time, just drop by in the kodi hw forum and look for hw, that is doing your usecases. For 1080p60 and 1080i60 you need some very good gpu, the Pi2 (optimized in endless hours of hard work of popcornmix) is the only budget device I could suggest for doing those.

Intel’s BYT NUC would be the cheapest x64 to do those (though I don’t suggest IVB based gpu cores in 2k15 with BRW arround the corner). Chromebox was a nice buy for a long time and still is, if 4K HEVC is not your primary usecase :wink:

I think I might have seen the light. Right now I have a RPi2 running OSMC and everything works like a charm. HD Live TV in Sync! Even the problems I had with the USTV VoD AddOn are gone (I had to watch Gotham & 2Broke Girls in very very low quality - as a sidenote).
OSMC on the RPi2 in general seems to be much much more speedy than on the Vero.