Live TV channels 'Unavailable'

[Something has made some channels appear, so don’t waste too much type on this right now.]

I have PVR enabled via TVHeadend. When I select Live TV from the main page, I either get:

  • a blank page with the single word ‘Unavailable’ at the bottom
  • a different blank page with the message ‘No guide entries’

In the former case, I get a log entry

18:24:46 1596.593384 T:3023389232   ERROR: CGUIEPGGridContainer - UpdateItems - invalid start and end time set

I can see the TVHeadend web configuration and it appears to be correct. Live TV is enabled, otherwise I wouldn’t see it on the main page. I believe this happened on the latest stable update to OSMC - that is, live TV was working fine, but at some point it stopped doing so.

I’m running OSMC Kodi-RC1 Git:Unknown (Compiled Aug 7 2015) on a Raspberry Pi Model B+.

TVHeadend 4.0.5 (HTSPv20).