Live tv - Default to Channels insted of Timeline

Hi there,

Just a quick question i can’t seem to google an anwser for :frowning:
When i enter the Live tv - Dvr menu today it starts on the timeline.
I then have to go into options and change it to display channels.

but doing this every time is becoming very boring :slight_smile:
is there a way i can set it to channels by default?

The was an option for it in kodi in the past.

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Wow, no one knows this… phew :slight_smile: thank god i’m not the only one

I did it via a skin setting, mine now jumps straight to the TV guide.

Which skin are you using? If it’s the OSMC skin, you may go to the skin settings and use the Customise home menu option to adjust the path the PVR home menu entry is pointing to.

Hi @CaptainMoody and @Chillbo

Indeed, I went into skin settings and enabled “Customise home menu”
It then installede som addons and now I can set the default window for Live Tv to “TV Channels”

Thank you both for the help.

Kind regards

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