Live TV glitches - powered USB hub needed?

My setup is the official OSMC DVBT dongle plugged directly into the Vero. With Freeview there are small glitches in the picture. This did not happen when I ran TVH on a separate machine. Could this be a problem with the Vero not supplying the dongle with enough power? Should I be using a powered USB hub? Thank you.

Yes, you should use a powered hub.

Have you tried the DVB dongle in the other port?

Do you see the issue on all channels or just some?



Tried the other port, seems fine now thanks. Apologies for not trying the obvious solution first. Previously all channels were glitching.

I’ll order a powered hub from you tonight: is it ok to run as is until it arrives or could I damage the Vero?

If it is running stable in the other USB port it should be fine.

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