Live tv issues after latest update

hi all!

I have issues with the latest update, the live tv is not working properly. The information window is not coming on the channel list, furthermore if i start a channel the window is blinking (like this:

The live tv is the dvblogic plugin.

Does anyone experience the same?


I’ve never used Live TV, but since the latest update has updated OSMC to Kodi Jarvis, I’d check at the kodi PVR forums and see what they say about any new issues or requirements with it to run on Jarvis.

In addition, post logs and maybe someone here can shed some light.

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see for advice on how to help us.


Thank you.

I don’t think it is an issue related to the pvr itself, as even when i try to launch a channel from the live tv panel it is dropping this error in the kodi.log:

07:42:19 83.604240 T:1647309808 NOTICE: Start - EPG thread started
07:42:37 101.298622 T:1958212144 ERROR: unable to load:/usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.osmc/16x9/DialogPVRInfo.xml, Line 0
Failed to open file

It seems like something is wrong in the skin itself.

Here is log file that you suggested to send as well:

Searching for this specific error message (failed to open this file) on this forum i found this, and i think these issues are connected: Enter key no longer works from guide - #9 by DBMandrake
(for the missing info panel at least, for what reason the window is blinking on the video itself I have no idea)

Try the fix in that post or switch to Confluence and see if you still have issues

Sorry, what is the temporary fix? I don’t really want to switch from OSMC skin because of a bug :slight_smile:

Tried the Confluence skin temporarily, but it is causing something similar.

Thank you. Tried it, but it did not fix the bouncing window.

I’ve got the same problem ever since I did the update aswell. Whenever I play a live tv channel after 5 minutes it stops working. Can someone please look into this issue

Let me quote (the techies really need info :wink: )

You might have something similar but totally unrelated, logs are what they want

my log is available here:

Your log is a mess, you have errors spamming it from dvblink, pulsar and others that I will not mention. For a clean start ssh in and rename your .kodi directory then reboot. You will have a clean install, now reinstall your addons one at a time testing after each install until you find the one causing problems

I did what you asked for, cleaned everything, did a reboot, went directly into Live TV and started the same process.
After the 3rd channel switch, it started again.

New Log:

Guys, just a quick temporary fix:

If I turn this off: “Show channel information when switching channels.” (under Settings -> TV)
It seems that the bouncing window is not coming.

In the same menu if you switch the action from “Show information” to “Switch to channel” at least you can go to the channel immediately.