Live TV Recordings Episode Names

Hello all,

I just recently noticed that all of my Live TV recordings are assigned episode names the same as the folder they’re stored in. Evidently, this is an issue with Kodi v 20. Over on the Kodi site, here, there is mention of this issue, but it’s put down to a skin issue. I like the default OSMC skin. Is there any way I can get the episode names back and still use it?

Logs are here:

Thanks for any help.

It looked to me like the maintainer of your backend was saying that they had a hack to change what metadata was being sent and they have since removed that hack so what is shown is what the skin developer intends, and thus, if what you’re seeing isn’t the way you want it to look then your issue is the skin isn’t matching your preferences and not bug or fault in the backend software. The view that @Chillbo currently has in the recordings view is essentially the same as Estuary and AFAICT is unchanged from Kodi v19. I agree that it looks redundant when your using grouping to have the main list show the show name over and over, but on the other hand if you turn grouping off, then not having the show name there makes a lot less sense.

I wasn’t aware this might be an issue, but I can sure have a look. Thing is, I’m not recording live TV myself and thus cannot properly test this. But I’ll see how I can get to the bottom of this…

Thanks very much for having a look. Please advise if I can do anything to help with testing.