Live TV save location and mounting networked hard drive

Solved in posted #2


I have tried mounting a networked hard drive in OSMC via fstab

// /mnt/data cifs nobrl,uid=1000,sec=ntlmv2,user=pi,pass=pass

however, when I do sudo “mount -a” the drive does not appear when I do df -h.

Also, where would the videos get saved if they are configured to save on the external

hard but and reported the hard drive is not mounting and TVHeadend is not reporting

the video recording failed.



I suggest you check this fstab entry

If the Harddisk is not mounted it depends. If the folder doesn’t exists the recording would be lost. If the fodler exists it would be saved to the SD card

Thank, that solution worked! I think it was failing because I was thinking it was asking to the username and password of the other pi rather than the one running osmc.