Live TV - Scrambled channels icons / main menu widget

I’m using OSMC with the TVheadon, to watch live tv DVB-C channels.
tvheadend is configured to displays all channels picons .

Using OSCM skin, to browse the list of channels, displays all channel icons EXCEPT the scrambled channels icons, which shows a LOCK icon.
Also, there is not tv channels widget available for the main menu - to at least, display the last viewed channels.

I’ve tried to use the estuary skin, just to validate this behaviour, and notice that with estuary:

  • the scrambled channels icons are correctly displayed;
  • there is a widget that displays the last viewed channels in the main menu;

Is there a way to configure OSMC skin, in such a way that would solve the above issues ?


Just to understand… You don’t want a lock to be shown, but rather the channel picon - which would mean: no indication that the channel is actually not accessible (as Kodi can’t play encrypted channels)?
Could you provide screenshots to show the difference between Estuary and our OSMC skin? I don’t have any encrypted channels, so it’s hard for me to simulate this.

There’s something in testing internally atm to make more widgets available - including one that will show the last viewed channels. This specific widget will probably be available with the launch of Kodi Leia v18. No ETA yet though and no promise :wink: But we’re already looking into it.

Right. That’s it.
Like in any receiver, we always get the correct picons in channel list and in epg. Even the encrypted ones. Of course that’ wen ca not still see the contents, but at least we get a cleaner list.

Very well:
The following channels list, points to mezzo live hd channel, (which is scrambled).

In Estuary I get the picon:

In Osmc I get the “locker” icon:

In osmc, I get the picon only to open channels (as the AXN White example bellow):

And finally, a snapshot of the TV widget included in Estaury (isn’t it possible to import into OSMC skin ???).
The widget includes:

  • The next schedule recording;
  • The last viewed channels;
  • The last recorder programs.
    I prefer osmc for almost everything. But in this one, I have to go with Estuary (sorry):

I can confirm that the OSMC skin is showing the locker symbol instead of the existing picon logo file for an encrypted channel but I do not catch the idea why such channel should be shown at all in channel and EPG list if there is no way to see such channel?

The only way to get this situation with shown encrypted channels is to manually

  • check “map encrypted services”

  • uncheck “Check Availability”

in the TVHeadend GUI while mapping services to channels. In the picture attached you see the “normal” setting and red marked the flags which has to be manipulated to get this scenario.

I have to agree with @JimKnopf that a) it doesn’t make sense to show the picons, if encrypted channels are shown at all, without any indication that they’re not watchable (the lock makes perfect sense here - Estuary’s behaviour is kind of strange IMHO) and that b) it’s even more logical to not have them listed at all, if they’re not watchable in the first place. His instructions look like a neat solution :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a short and simple no. Estuary’s widgets are not as freely customizable as ours and they’re not compatible. We’ve had another request for the exact same widget you’re requesting, so we looked into it.
As I said, with the v18 release we’ll probably be able to offer this widget and many more. Just keep a look out for new widget options in the updates’ changelogs :+1:t2:


That was probably my request mate…I think maybe what I, and others didn’t appreciate is that you’re not going to completely recode and implement features due to requests from 1 or 2 users, when 99.9% of users are perfectly happy with it how it is.

In the end I managed to implement the widget section from estuary into the osmc skin…as you say, its nowhere near as customisable, and took a fair bit of work on my part to get it working as im not a developer and just like to tinker with stuff.

Long story short…if you want something changed, change it yourself.

As I’ve said some times now already… The new widgets will be made available at some point, if everything’s working as expected. I did put some work into it and I hope it’ll be ready for the v18 release. It might also be available in v17 staging some time soon for testing (if anyone’s interested, I’ll keep you posted - the v17 doesn’t feature a recently viewed channel widget though as far as I can see).

@gb160, could you share how you accomplished this in a how-to or share the code, please? Might be of use for people who also want to tinker :slightly_smiling_face: Integrating those Estuary widgets permanently into the skin will probably not be possible as it’s using a different approach that isn’t compatible with ours.

Sorry if this was taken as a dig in some way, thats not how I meant it in the slightest…my point was that if you want something personalised, then its best to get your hands dirty and do it yourself.

Im more than happy to share the code, but a word of warning…its messy as hell.
Ive basically just copied all the relevant stuff, variables,includes,images etc from the Estuary skin.

I was unable to find a way to enable/disable these widgets via the normal method thats used in the osmc skin, and the only way I managed to achieve this was to just disable ALL of the normal widgets, otherwise they show up behind the estuary widgets, then essentially hard code these to the home screen(which is the method thats used in Estuary)…I wasted time trying to do this but gave up and cheated in the end.

I was going to wait until v18 is released, and have another attempt then as that’s really the only hack/cheat I’ve used, id really like to have the option to choose between the standard osmc widgets and the estuary ones, right now its all or nothing.
Other than that it’s all pretty straightforward.

Im out of town for a few days but will put it on github when I get back.

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Great! That might help others who’d like to do the same thing.

That’s exactly right. Thus they aren’t customizable… Same as the whole home menu of Estuary.

I haven’t come up with a good way of doing that… Probably very hard to do as we’d have to have an option which will disable the current widget for a home menu item where a user wants to use this kind of widget. And the widgets look very different by taking up the whole space on the right side in the home menu. Not sure how both widgets types could ever work together :thinking:

I hope that the OP (@nvdias) can either work with your solution for the time being or check out the new widgets as soon as we make them available for testing on our v17 staging branch :+1:t2:

I’m willing to test whatever you share.
And also to look into that code @gb160 :wink:

About the lock icon instead of the picon of a scrambled channel, is just a question of a personal choice - I prefer having the list with the correct Picons and an eventual sign referring the scrambled status.

I’ll think about this again, but honestly it’s very low on the list. The current behaviour makes sense. Maybe have a lock symbol in the bottom right corner of the picon, yes. But that’s more cosmetic, so wouldn’t have a high priority atm.

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OK. I came a bit late to the party, but here I get the lock icon on encrypted channels even if they are completely watchable? Is there any way around that?

I tried the remapping trick as described, but it made no difference.

To elaborate. I do descrambing in TVHeadend using the cable company’s card and an USB reader, plus oscam.

I think the icon just means encrypted channel. Doesn’t mean you can’t watch it


Yes, but in that case, why not a less intrusive way? The icons are nice for quick selection of channels.

Someone else has done the legwork: Channel logos, padlock - #20 by V4n1X

	<variable name="PVRChannelIcon">
		<!-- <value condition="ListItem.IsEncrypted">pvr/encrypted.png</value>-->
	<variable name="PVRChannelIconDialogOSD">
		<!-- <value condition="Container(11).ListItem.IsEncrypted">pvr/encrypted.png</value> -->

Commenting out those two lines fixes the issue.

This is now solved permanently by a fix which changes the normal behaviour of the skin: Channel logos, padlock - #21 by Chillbo :+1:t2:

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