Live TV streaming at startup not wanted


I have OSMC running on a Pi1B and TVHeadend running on an Ubuntu server with a single-tuner USB DVB-T2 dongle attached. Generally it works well.

However, timed recordings are failing. I have a theory that this is because when TVHeadend wants to begin the recording, the tuner is busy. The tuner is busy because OSMC is streaming live TV from it.

What’s odd about that is that I did not leave OSMC streaming live TV, so the tuner should have been available.

I have noticed something else strange. If I stream live TV, then stop the streaming by clicking the stop button, it genuinely appears to stop streaming because I can’t see details of the program, running time etc. at the top right of the screen. If I then re-start OSMC, after booting up, streaming begins again, without my requesting it. The program info and running time re-appears at the top right of the screen, showing whichever channel I last streamed.

I suspect that either the Pi is rebooting without my knowledge, or streaming is re-starting some time later, and preventing TVHeadend from recording.

Is this a known bug in OSMC? Could I have accidentally enabled some feature that is causing this?

Thanks for any suggestions.


Try updating TVHeadend. I seem to recall some issues with this a while back.

Thanks for responding, Sam.

How long ago was “a while back”? My TVHeadend is quite recent, I think: its 4.2.8-4~g9f7ab681a~bionic

I don’t remember from the top of my head.
If the tuner is being hogged; then it should be reflected in the TVH log I believe.