Live TV - without TV Tuner?


I have installed the TV Headend on my Pi 2, but is it possible to watch live TV etc without having a TV Tuner? I can’t for the life of me get it working without one, none of the PVR clients work or anything like that. All I want to be able to do is watch live TV on the Pi 2 when it is connected to the internet via Ethernet - is it possible?


It will play back IPTV if you add it


Thanks - I have enabled the simple IPTV client and it seems to have enabled fine. However, now, it shows no TV channels and only a sort of round ended rectangular box - how can I get it to show TV channels? Must I install a TV Guide or something like that?

Please forgive the noobish questions, I’m very new to this and nothing from searching seems to help.


You can only watch TV from sources that you have added


Ok, I have an m3u list and all the channels are loading, but none of them play?

You would need a log to work out why this is the case


How can I get that? Do you also know any known working m3u lists?

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