Hello Everyone,

I apologize in advance for any stupid questions I may have (noob here). But I’ve been working on a project that I am completely stuck on.

I would like to figure out how to use the built in DVDPlayer as the player for Livestreamer to watch (and control) LiveStream content from the command line.

  • Livestreamer seems to prefer VLC by default, but I would really rather use the built in abilities of OSMC to keep it clean.
  • I know I can use the Livestream Video Addon from the screen, but I really want to be able to launch it through a command line.

— The use case for this is that in my classroom I could have pre-recorded content stored on my Raspberry Pi running OSMC. Create a playlist that plays through that content, and then automatically launches into the Livestream feed (like the Nasa feed, etc).

From looking at the files behind the Livestream addon it looks like its basically just running a python script to do this, but unfortunately I don’t know Python (yet), so I was hoping there is another way to do this that I haven’t thought of.

Thanks a ton in advance for help!

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Have a look at xbmc-send (kodi-send).
If you know the stream url you can feed it to kodi for playback from command line.
Another option would be to use the json api with curl to do the same thing.


I’ve used kodi-send to play media stored on the SD card with great success. However, I can’t seem to get it to work for a live stream.

For example I try testing with this stream (just because it’s always live: Berry College Nest Cam 1 on Livestream

Do I just embed this URL like I would the path to the media file? Sorry, as I said, a bit of a noob here.

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Sorry I should probably expand that a little.

I’ve created a file called file.strm in the directory /home/osmc/Streams

The file only has one line in it:

" Berry College Nest Cam 1 on Livestream "
(quotes are only there to keep the stream from rendering in this forum, not in the file itself)

I then sent the following command through ssh:

kodi-send --action=“PlayMedia(”/home/osmc/Streams/file.strm")"

Nothing is happening.

What am I doing wrong?


Tried with a m3u playlist?
Kodi may not know how to handle strm files.


I tried creating a file called file.m3u with the follwing in it:


" #EXTINF:-1, Eagles

Berry College Nest Cam 1 on Livestream

(again quotes are just so the stream doesn’t show in this forum)

I then sent the following command:

" kodi-send --action=“PlayMedia(”/home/osmc/Streams/kaos.m3u")" "
(again initial and ending quotes are just so it posts in this forum)

The working graphic pops up for a split second but then nothing shows onscreen. I also don’t receive any errors that I can see (is there a log file I can check).

Thank a ton for your help.


It will not work with this url as it only links to the website containing the stream embedded in it.

You need to give the exact url to the videostream itself. This stream needs to be encoded in a format kodi can display.