Load latest skin without rebuilding?

I am using the ‘current’ default OSMC skin on my latest build (live about a month ago), and it looks pretty cool – any way to update an earlier ‘default’ OSMC skin on another older build without having to reinstall everything?

The current OSMC skin is been “current” for long time so I doubt you have a installation that doesn’t have it running. But maybe you are mixing things up.
Can you show what you consider the “current” default OSMC skin and also which Kodi version you older one is running.

Thanks for the reply - the first two pics are from the most recent build, the second two are from the older build.IMG_2629image1


Ok as mentioned that skin is already very old so I wonder which Kodi version are you running on that system? And why you are not updating the system?

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I think that is Kodi v14 version of the skin.

I (think) I am receiving updates, but I didn’t think I needed to ‘upgrade’ to new release versions of OSMC – but I can do so if that is the recommended solution and/or best practice. I just don’t want to have regular rebuilds to keep my current config, as that will affect the WAF (wife acceptance factor) of my homebrew AV/HTPC setup.

Can you share some logs either grab-logs -A or via MyOSMC so that we can check what status your system is in

Uploaded to /ibutukemep - thanks in advance!

Thanks as feared you are on a early release version from August 2015 that you never have updated
Kernel: 3.18.13-1-osmc
Kodi: 14.2

There is no way for you to upgrade that via onboard tools nor can you install the new skin onto this. We are currently at
Kernel: 4.9.29-10-osmc
Kodi: 17.6

So recommendation is make a backup of the .kodi folder and do a fresh install of the latest version (but be aware that on a Pi1 the performance will not be skyrocking)

I don’t think Kodi has the capability to update such an old version from a dropped-in directory.

True, but everything other than the databases should be possible. Databases either will be able to convert or if not just delete and recreate.

Possibly. The concern is the skins and add-ons as well. They would in theory update but only if compatible, as something must load without error first.
If guisettings.xml is copied, potentially non existent settings and dependencies on skins that are not compatible are copied over too.

It’s worth a shot, but I very much doubt it will work

Thanks for the replies – so what I’m really hearing is, get a current RP and start from scratch. NBD, time marches on.

Well why not first start with a new install with latest OSMC. I have it running on one Pi1 without issue. Just don’t expect miracles.

Good point, that’s a RP Model 1, correct?


Loaded OSMC from scratch, all is well. Thanks for the responses.