"Loading" lower banner stays on during episode play

Put Peppa Pig on for my daughter earlier today, using the “play from here” or whatever it is called option so that it goes through the episodes without me having to select each one.

That part works fine, but on most transitions from one episode/file to the next, the lower “loading” banner pops up, but then once the episode starts, it doesn’t disappear. So the playing video is slightly darkened. Pressing “OK” on the remote to bring up the OSD, then “back” to get rid of it clears the “Loading” as well.

This was on a Vero 4K. The Peppa files were 30MB files, lowish resolution (720x400) 828kpbs total bitrate.

Don’t have a log at this time.
And I need to check if this happens on my other Vero 4K.

So I know I need to do stuff to verify this, but while it was on my mind, wanting to post a heads up, partly so I’ve got something to come back to once I’ve got more info…

Need to see a log. Photo will also help us.

Also — which skin are you using? Do you have this problem with estuary or OSMC skin?