local osmc distributor


Is there currently any local vero4k+ distributor in Poland?
I would like to buy vero…


Botland are out of stock: Vero 4K Botland - Robotic Shop. You could ask them when they plan to re-stock.

Alternatively for EU, you have:

WElectron: OSMC Vero 4K+ Media Center System, 139.00 €
RPiShop.cz: OSMC Vero 4K+

We can also ship directly from the UK to Poland.

On the bootland website, vero 4k + has EOL status

“The product has been discontinued. Check other products in category.”

In addition to botland, they write:

“The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.”

It’s too much for me …

The vero 4k + price with UK + tax is ridiculously high …

The product isn’t discontinued, so you could contact them about that and I am sure they will place a new order.

I have listed two other EU sellers.

The price from us door to door is always cheaper than resellers, but we have resellers for those that want to buy locally.

If you have a recommendation for a Polish electronics store that you think would be interested in stocking the Vero let me know and I will reach out



Thanks for your interest
I sent you some addresses on PM