Local .srt files don't show up

Hi there,

My problem is that OSMC doesn’t find my local .srt files? (stored in same folder with same name as my movie. Which is a .mkv file)
It seems that I can’t find any one with this problem, just the SSA/AAS problem…
Any one with a solution here? (as far is I can tell, this just should work without any settings, no?)

Thanks in advance!


Is the use of subtitles enabled in audio settings ??

Jep, they are

Actually I think the issue is more complex than that. When I load some shows that have the subtitles preloaded in the stream, they are found (when doing a search for new subtitles) yet do not show in the Audio settings. I have found a quick work-around. By loading any .srt file I can then choose the one that was built-in. So I think the main problem is that when the video first loads, it fails to load the locally found subtitle even if it exists.

Is it possible that OSMC or XMBC in general doesn’t work well with difficult movie names ? (where you put resolution in the name and year it came out etc…? The.Ides.Of.March.2011.1080p etc ?)

Kodi will not be bothered by this example.

Worked in RaspBMC though. Only since the move to OSMC has this been an issue for me. Besides, in my example the CC are in the stream, but even if I have downloaded the Subs with the Auto-Sub plugin, they still need to be reloaded every time.

And no, as ActionA mentioned, this is not an issue on my Neo-X7 Mini running Kodi.

Hi Jaip,

did you find a solution to tis problem yet?

I’m having the same situation. I usually store the srt’s next to the movie files in the same directory with the same name. (movie_x.mp4, movie_x.srt). The pop up menu even shows that there are local subs present, but won’t render them! :frowning:
I’m accessing the files via UPNP. The files are stored on my running PC and then streamed to my Raspberry Pi 2, which is connected to my TV.
While some movies work without a problem, some don’t. I also checked the encoding in the srt files as well, but this doesn’t seem to be the problem. The only thing that seems to work is to load the subs manually from subscene.

Thanks for your help! :smiley:

I seem to remember this being a Kodi issue. You should try a protocol other than upnp, such as samba or NFS.


I’m not sure (it’s been a while) but I think ActionA is right, I used an other protocol.
I would have to check at home, if I don’t forget…

the usual it’s SRT + AVI (normally xvid codec) files… a MKV it’s possibly not need a SRT files… try to convert it’s to SSA and after try to incapsulate it directly inside the MKV file…

Fausto, you’re missing the point here. To get subtitles without having to encapsulate the subtitle into the MKV, that’s the goal.

MKV + SRT works just fine on any computer (windows).

mmmm…i have tryed so many times on my pass to use (also on pc) the combination mkv+srt i ever time i have need to use mkv+ssa for obtain all it’s working… at this point i ever thinks the srt it’s not very best solution for mkv :slight_smile: but probally i wrongs in some parts…

At this point at this point i thinks the only problems it’s the protocol usage… for example i have a smb shared folder on windows and combination avi+srt work on kodi… i never tryed to use ftp or other service.