Lock volume at 100%?

Quick one, is there a way for me to lock the volume output at 100%? W

Set a remote keymap that assigns the volume buttons as noop.

Not enough; volume can also be changed accidently with control app like Yatse

I guess you would be best to ask Kodi developers how they would recommend accomplishing then.

That is a yatse problem in my opinion as I have that as well. Especially because yatse insists on changing the volume when I modify the volume on my mobile, essentially taking over the volume on my mobile. Which means if i want to control the volume on my mobile while yatse app is open that i have to click on the mixer icon and select the mobile phone icon. I would prefer if yatse didn’t do that, it might be worth raising the issue with yatse as it annoys me as well and wasn’t always like that in previous versions.