Locked out of settings (no Settings menu anymore)

I somehow managed to lock myself out of Kodi/OSMC. I have two profiles. After I set the restricted one to use for Autologin for some reason the Settings menu item is gone.

How can I get it back? Can I change the settings for this particular profile to show the Settings item again? Or could I intercept the autologin somehow… and then login to the other profile…

Can’t you just log out of one profile and log in to the other one?

No, I got no Menu items to do just that

You will always be able to open the shutdown menu… Either through the home menu entry, if it’s still there or by connecting a keyboard and pressing S. That menu has a settings link.

Strange why settings would disappear. By default, the customization options should prevent that from happening, if not explicitly set to off. You’re using the OSMC skin?

I gonna try the keyboard approach (will take a couple of weeks).
I deliberately removed the Power menu (I believe) but set the Settings as a Menu item. For some reason it vanished. I could still use it the very same day. It vanished after updating to the latest May release

Hm… Honestly, no idea what might’ve happened. There was no change in the code, that I’m aware of, that might’ve been responsible for this. Mysterious :thinking:

would the keyboard trick also work with an Android software keyboard like provided by Yatse? Or does it need to be a physical one?

Not sure, honestly. Would’ve to test myself

The Yatse power button/menu will always work as it sent the power or logout command by http

Those buttons won’t help.

But you can use Yatse and add a custom command (see here for instructions: Yatse Custom Commands). The command needed would be this one: ActivateWindow(Settings). That will get you directly to the settings window :+1:t2:

Ok did the test. Virtual Keyboard pressing “s” doesn’t work.
But @chillbo idea to add “ActivateWindow(Settings)” as a custom command works.

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great, gonna try it once I back at the OSMC place

Excellent! Works on one of my Veros. Now I hope that on teh respective one I can get access via remote.

@Chillbo would it be possible to create an entry in Yatse to trigger the OMSC update/download/install?