Log File Error upon startup

RPi3 - OSMC June update

After successful startup, I get the following error in the “easy log viewer” program addon:

ERROR: DBus: Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown - The name org.freedesktop.UPower was not provided by any .service files

The thing is, everything runs and my Kodi setup doesn’t fail at all.

Any idea what that error means? How to fix it? And how is it that it seems to not affect my setup in anyway?

Thank you

Did you use the forum search function? This had been covered numerous times.

That’s because it’s not an error, it’s just Kodi systematically determining power capabilities. We use logind to handle power management activities, instead of UPower.


Yes I have. It’s either just part of a log file that is NOT the issue of the post or the answer is ambiguous like “it’s not an error” or that “it’s irrelevant”.

It would have been productive if you could just invest those few seconds you took to write your smart ass response in actually answering the question.


Thank you for your response, but I don’t really understand it.

I mean it’s clearly labelled as an error in the log viewer. There is another section with Warnings only, but this is taken from the Errors section.

Correct me here if I’m wrong, but are you trying to say that OSMC uses a different Power Management service other than Kodi and that’s why the Kodi logs are throwing that error?
In that case, could this be impacting my RPi power consumption in some way, as I occasionally get the rainbow square (but like mentioned, it’s not impacting the performance as far as I can see).

It’s not an error.

Kodi is just an application, that runs on your computer. Kodi has interfaces for each platform to use the OS’ power management code. On Linux, there are several possibilities for what may be handling power, depending on the distribution:

  • UPower (for early 2010 based systems)
  • logind (for systems using systemd)
  • POSIX (a generic interface which works, but isn’t as refined as it’s basically using system calls).

For Kodi to determine which interface to use, it must check via DBus for capabilities, so it does it as follows:

  1. Check if we have UPower service definitions. The DBus call fails, because we don’t have UPower running.
  2. If not, then check if we have logind definitions. We do, so the DBus call succeeds and the power management interface implemented is done by CLogindUPowerSyscall.
  3. If we didn’t have LoginD, you’d then see another error, and we would fall back to the bog standard POSIX power routines.

This comes up a lot. It’s not an error.

Nope. The power management code is for things like shutdown or reboot. Kodi sends a signal via DBus to initiate a reboot. DBus and a policy authorisation system (in our case PolKit), evaluates whether the user is privileged to do so (osmc user is granted by polkit). LoginD receives the signal and tells systemd that a request has been made to either shut down or reboot, and systemd (our init system) handles the process.

If you are seeing a rainbow square, you need to get a better power supply. You can get a good one from here. You can learn about the importance of a good power supply on our Wiki.

Thank you very much for your detailed answer :slight_smile:

I admit my power supply is not up to RPi’s recommendations. I’ll look to rectify that soon.