Log file too large to upload - but reproduction requires 30+ minutes

Hi! I’m trying to provide log files for what I believe is this issue (Video playback after very long pause skips and fast forwards unless stoped and replayed · Issue #749 · osmc/osmc · GitHub , closed without resolution).

However, with debugging logs enabled as requested, and as the issue takes on the order of 30/40 minutes to reproduce, it appears to go over the 10MB cap mentioned in Grab-logs fails on large log files, needs error messages

How should I submit logs?

Further, is there any chance the guidance (How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC) could be update to mention you should reboot twice before trying to reproduce to avoid the previous set of logs blocking upload and wasting one set of reproduction? :slight_smile:


More than 10MB in 40 minutes that really would indicated a fundamental issue. So did you restarted twice before creating the 40 minutes log?

If you know how to access command line you could create a local copy of the logs with grab-logs -A -C and then upload the file to any filesharing site and share the URL.
Or you could just create an partial log and upload that via tail -1000 .kodi/temp/kodi.log | paste-log
If you use the second approach (which is recommended) then please after doing that also reboot twice and just upload the whole logset as that helps to see the configuration.

Yes we can update that