Logitech Harmony Elite and OSMC


I bought this amazing remote but I need help to make it work with OSMC on a RPi3. I already have the official remote so I was hoping that I could make it work, but it seems like a maybe need an IR usb dongle?


If it is an IR remote it will need either an IR USB dongle or an IR receiver on a GPIO connector.

You can tell if it is IR by pointing it at the cameraon a smartphone, if you see flashing lights it is IR.

Some phones have an IR filter that hides the light.
Use the selfie (front facing) camera as it is more likely it will not filter IR

It supports IR, wifi and bluetooth, so I thought it would be possible to make it work without an IR-dongle?

From the Logitech web site:

Harmony hub-based products connect to Kodi via Bluetooth and use the Harmony mobile app to send voice and text commands, making password entry or movie searches quick and easy. If your computer doesn’t have an interal Bluetooth adapter, you can use a Bluetooth USB dongle.

If you don’t have a Harmony hub-based remote, you can connect to Kodi via infrared (IR) using an RC6 IR receiver (such as Flirc) and then use any Harmony remote for Kodi control and navigation.

So you will either need a bluetooth dongle or an IR one.

I use FLIRC - works a treat. There’s a FLIRC Kodi profile in the Logitech database.

He has a Pi3, so he can just set up a Bluetooth remote profile like Playstation

I’ve now managed to pair the remote with OSMC. From the Harmony app I can configure the buttons on the remote. I, however, can only chose among four commands HIDDirectionDown, HIDDirectionUp, HIDDirectionLeft and HIDDirectionRight. They all work, but I don’t know how to make additional commands available. Is it OSMC or the remote that needs to be configured to make more commands available?


Oh, OK. I never took much notice of the Pi 3 once I learned that it still does not have HEVC H/W support. Will the Vero3 support HEVC Main10?

I figured it out. My mistake was that I added OSMC as “Other” computer. When I added it as “Windows PC” I got all the commands available and everything works.