Logitech Harmony support


i had my vero2 controlled with my logitech harmony, but this seems not to work with the vero4k.

Even the original remotes are not the same, if i try to control it with the old vero2 remote, nothing is working.

How should i learn my logitech the commands if the original remote isn’t a IR remote?

I know with my vero2 i just choose add device–>osmc–>vero and it worked, i haven’t added a special lircd config or something.

am i stupid now? :smiley:

The Vero 2 and Vero 4K remotes are identical. But they are uniquely paired so you cannot substitute USB receivers. Otherwise they would cause problems in close proximity.

I’ll leave other users to talk about Harmony. IR receiver (built-in) should be working fine and the Vero 4K remote should be working fine. If that’s not the case, let me know.

The Vero 4K remote is working fine, no problems here. But i want to use my logitech again to have just 1 Remote for everything. But i am unable to get it to run.

And as mentioned, i can’t teach the commands manually because the original remote is not a IR.

So i can’t get forward here on my own.

You don’t actually need to send the exact signals that the RF remote does. You can send any RC6 IR signals, i.e. an Xbox Media Remote and it will work just fine. I am sure other users will chime in.

I actually have a Harmony device running/working fine with the Vero 4k fine.
Only, I have added my own lird.conf file I had created with an old alternate xbmc device (Xios).
I had replicated the Xios remote signals, and that worked fine.

IMHO, configure your harmony as Windows Remote MCE, and tell the Vero 4K to use that (Didn’t test it yet, but I’ll have to check it out).

We should define/document a way to use the Vero IR with a Harmony once correctly…

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Yeah that would be nice.

now i have learned the commands from my samsung tv remote, it is working for now except the codecinfo or context menu button, i don’t know how to bind that.

have you got this to work?

I did bind it to KEY_INFO in the lircd.conf.

      KEY_INFO                 0x40BDA35C

Don’t know if this will help you though.

yeah i think i will make bind it into the actual samsung lircd.conf


Yeah having same issue here, and not sure what the solution is. Got a IR Harmony, and it does not work. So the Vero is using RF, so this will probably never work? Just cannot learn it the right commands as the remote is not IR.

BTW I have no idea what the lircd.conf is… Just got my first Vero :slight_smile:

The Vero uses RF for the supplied remote.

There is also a built in IR receiver. A few users have got their Harmony working with the Vero, but you will need to configure the remote and LIRC to set up a remote profile. Some Harmony users can likely help you with this

I got mine working by simply plugging in a FLIRC receiver I had from my old RP2 and then using the Harmony FLIRC profile. Very straight forward.


You don’t need the FLIRC, as Vero has a built in IR receiver. You just need to select an appropriate remote configuration under My OSMC -> Remotes

I have no idea what lirc files are… Is there a quick guide somewhere? Where should I ask otherwise?

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If you just select a remote from My OSMC you can select a remote and the correct LIRC configuration will be installed. So you probably don’t need to do any further research on flirc. Next to selecting the correct remote you’ll probably want to use the keymap editor addon to customize your settings.

Using the FLIRC dongle is also an option, but for me, FLIRC is still problematic with slow responding keys or erratic repeats.

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Just a quick note to confirm what Sam advised that setting the MyOSMC & the Harmony to use an Xbox 360 remote worked fine without any messing with lird.conf files.

The only change I had to make within the harmony app to assign the “back” button to the “previous” button on the remote.
The Kodi context menu worked straightaway mapped to the Menu button on the Harmony.

Another method I’ve used with the Harmony Hub is Bluetooth to control Kodi.
Enable Bluetooth on the Vero/RPi and then add a Manufacturer “Microsoft” Device “Kodi” to the harmony app.
This then prompts you to pair the harmony hub to Kodi and this works very well and also doesn’t require line of sight like the RF remotes.


Thx for the info.
BTW - which Harmony device do you have?
The one I have is probably 15 Years old by now :slight_smile: and I will probably need to replace it one of these days.


I bought a Harmony Hub Companion last year & find it SO much more reliable than our old Harmony (which was a 650 I think). The new harmony hub is one piece of tech that my missus doesn’t complain over! :wink:

I bought the cheaper model that comes with a remote that doesn’t have a display, but it’s well designed & tactile so you get used to finding the various keys you need by touch if watching in a dark room. You also have the smartphone app so it’s not a problem.


heh. Nice. I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

I must be missing something here. Have the new Vero 4K and am relatively new to KODI, but I can’t get my harmony 650 to work at all.

Initially I thought all I had to do was use the keymap editor but all that did was accidentally change the enter key on my RF remote to a move-right. Caused a few tense moments but fortunately I had a keyboard to undo it. But nothing on the Logitech ever worked. Remote was configured as an MS Media Center Controller. Tried with and without the extender.

So following up on Sam’s suggestion above, I re-configured the remote as an XBOX 360 remote - nothing changed. But I also don’t see any options for configuring the Vero for an XBOX 360 - just 8 other game controllers. Is the default KODI controller the same as an XBOX? And for this configuration (and the Keymap Editor) am I configuring IR or RF or both? I.E. the list includes Playstation which is Bluetooth, and the keymap editor managed to override the Vero rf remote.

Quite confused.


Hi Roy

You want to use IR with Harmoy.

Make sure OSMC is up to date
Also check you have Xbox 360 remote selected in My OSMC -> Remotes.