Logitech Harmony support

I have open a new topic on this as my VERO4K IR also stop working. I was using the XBOX ONE remote.

Yes – I saw this. The issue is likely related.

Thanks Sam.

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Hi Sam,

tested your test-candidate, but it does not work.
the kernel ring buffer shows nothing, the lircd logs show nothing, actually - nothing shows a sign on what is going wrong.

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The lirc Driver is generating pulses as per mode2 and irrecord. But irw does not output anything. So it might be that something has changed so that the lirc profile no longer adjusts to what th lirc Driver is doing.

I just got my Vero 4K today and I am using my Harmony Hub with it successfully. @shukerr already mentioned it shortly: The by far best way to use your Harmony Hub with the vero 4k is NOT to use IR but instead use Bluetooth. What you have to to do:

  1. Install the Harmony App on your Phone (I used an iphone). It will not work, if you do it with the Harmony Desktop app. In fact the desktop app will tell you, that the harmony app is IR based and therefore cannot control your device. (it’s not true, trust me)
  2. Add a new device to it: Manufacturer “Microsoft” Device “Kodi” as shukerr already told you
  3. Sync your hub
  4. Try to use your new device using the phone. You should get a prompt, that you have to pair the device.
  5. Pair the devices by using the pairing mode of the app and by going into MyOSMC, turning on Bluetooth and pairing without pin
  6. After successful pairing enjoy a wonderful bluetooth based remote control using the harmony…

I got my new Harmony Touch (Ultimate One) to control my Vero 4K. I set it up online (myharmony.com) but my Verot doesn´t recognize it.
The Vero 4K has got a bulit in IR? Also the remote from the Vero 4K only works with the USB Adapter. How is it possible to get my Vero controlled with the Harmony Touch?
Please help!

I see I got a mention for the Bluetooth setup with the harmony hub. I used that with the Raspberry Pi 3 and it worked well, but often had a startup lag for the bluetooth to connect.

Anyway, once I bought a Vero 4k I settled on using IR with the Xbox 360 profile as no startup delay.

Anyway, to cut a long story short my IR control of the Vero 4K also stopped working after the last update a few days ago.

I’ll keep tabs on this thread for a fix soon hopefully.

This issue should now be resolved.


It kind of reacts, but only in one “key-press” out of 15 or so. I will have to check the logs while doing it (lircd) as soon as I have some time.
Very weird.

Thanks for the update. My Harmony remote with an Xbox 360 profile works perfectly now.

Issue resolved for me using harmony hub and the Xbox 360 profile. Thanks Sam.

Nice. I just ordered a Harmony Elite + Hub, as I suspect that my old one’s strange response (working sometimes etc.) is due to its age (~10 years …) and the keys are stuck soe times etc.

Anyway - I’ll check it out.
Do you by chance have some details on the Xbox 360 profile?

I’ll try to setup a Kodi-remote profile (Using my Vero 2 in the basement in the gym - and I have to say the Kodi remote is really really nice as it is!) and replicate it’s functionality on the Harmony.

Working for me too.

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Just for y’all … Funny Logitech mentions is explicitely :slight_smile:

They mention: “Harmony hub-based products connect to Kodi via Bluetooth and use the Harmony mobile app to send voice and text commands, making password entry or movie searches quick and easy. If your computer doesn’t have an interal Bluetooth adapter, you can use a Bluetooth USB dongle.”

Do we know if we can connect/pair the Vero4k to a bluetooth device (I assume Keyboard stuff). That would make it quite easier IMHO.
As I just ordered the Harmony Elite hub Kit, I’ll probably check it out (Note that I will use the voice option only if it does not require a constant connection to the Internet. If not - disabled! and fall back to IR)

I created the Xbox 360 profile in OSMC - what do you want to know about it ? I created it using irrecord on a Pi 2 using an actual xbox 360 remote. (Not a harmony profile)

Yes you can pair input devices like keyboards to a Vero4k. So if your other device can emulate a bluetooth keyboard it should work.

Thx for the info on the XBox 360 profile.

Regarding the Bluetooth keyboard device, I think that is what the Logitech Hub uses.
I’ll check it out as soon as it’s there and I find some time.

FYI - I have configure my Harmony elite / Hub to run with kodi, and it works …
I did put it into a new thread. Eventually we could all put our configurations into that Thread, or have a SubForum for that …

I have a harmony hub and Vero 4k and you have choices. The harmony hub presents itself as a Bluetooth keyboard and you can pair the Vero 4k (or Raspberry pi with Bluetooth) and use it that way. It works well, but I did tend to find that it took a while to wake up if not used for a long time.

The harmony hub is also an IR blaster and has a profile for an Xbox 360 remote. This also works well. I tend to use the Kodi key mapper app to map keys like context menu after that.

Using the advice here I just set up my Philips Pronto TSU9400 with a page that uses the MS MCE remote RC5 commands and it works perfectly.

The skip forward and back work a bit different, they skip whole movies/tv episodes but I now have multi-step FF and rewind that works, so no biggie.

EDIT: Ok so not quit right.

The MCE green button takes me to Music, I would like it to be the Home key.
The Menu button acts like the back key. I would like the Menu key mapped to the ‘c’ context menu.

How do I do this?