Logitech Harmony Ultimate One, Home Button

hi JimKnopf,
I’ve with my Harmony Ultimate One another problem, how to configure the Home button ?
This one has a home button, but this is dedicatet to Harmony to go to the home of the touch screen.
I want to use one of the coloured button or the rec button.
But in the command list, I didn’t find the a similar one…

which command is the correct one which you use for the Kodi home function ?


Hi @propman,

I split your question to a new topic since you hijacked a thread regarding another issue and another Logitech Harmony.
Unfortunately I don’t know the Harmony Ultimate One but, please, describe what remote control model you have chosen for the simulation and the configuration on the Harmony and Vero4k?

I got the Ultimate and the Home-button works out of the Box here (the one on the touch-screen).
If you want it to be used somewhere else, use the key-editor addon and add a new button here.
You will have to assigne the colored button on the Harmony configuration tool too BTW - as it is by default not assigned.

PS: I have blocked the Harmony hub on my LAN to go outside. it sends out a keep-alive signal to the cloud all 5seconds, and when you do something with your remote, it also sends that data out.
didn’t like it, so I blocked the data-out from the hub at my firewall.
It is a pain though, as to configure the device, I have to enable it all the time again!

hi JimKnopf,
I’ve googled your Harmony 650, and at the photos I could see, this one have no home button.
Could you please check following for me:
you have a button on your harmony, which works as home button,
which command is configured in the harmony software.

thanks and regards

Hi @propman, for that I need to know what device you have chosen when you configured your Harmony to simulate the functions: A OSMC Vero, xbox360, etc.

My Harmony is configured to simulate a Microsoft XBOX360.

My Vero also, it’s there the whitle large one…

Also here but there is no default key command in the Logitech’s xbox360 profile doing the home button function.

@Smurphy What remote simulation do you use?


You can use the XBOX 360 command XBOXGUIDE (which is actually ignored) to implement your need, the idea

  1. ssh login to the Vero4k as user osmc, passsword osmc

  2. cd /etc/lirc

  3. make your own xbox360 remote control
    3.1 sudo cp xbox360-lircd.conf myxbox360-lircd.conf
    3.2 sudo cp xbox360-lircd.png myxbox360-lircd.png

  4. Change myxbox360-lircd.conf with an editor, inserted line in fat letters
    # XBOXGUIDE 0x0B9B
    KEY_HOME 0x0B9B
    KEY_POWER 0x0BF3

  5. OSMC GUI -> My OSMC -> Remotes -> choose myxbox360-lircd and confirm

  6. now you can map within MyHarmony the command XBOXGUIDE to any button you like and it will activate the HOME key function when revceived

Let me know whether this works for you.

I have configured the regular OSMC remote in my setup.