Logitech K400 Plus Keyboard Support

Hi, newbie here:

I’m going to order an RPI 2, and plan on using the Kodi application running under OSMC. I have read a few comments in the forum about using the Logitech K400 keyboard. I have the newer K400 Plus (incl the same Logitech USB receiver).

Does OSMC support the full functionality of this wireless keyboard (incl trackpad), or have at least basic/generic wireless keyboard support?

Many thanks for the assistance.


HI I’m using the K400r and it just works out of the box. My only problem is the key mapping “@” and “"
keys are swapped over

Thanks gibby. Does your trackpad work without issue? If so, are you also able to adjust the sensitivity?

May I ask what are you planning to use the trackpad for? Kodi/OSMC are not design having a mouse or trackpad in mind. While navigating with the mouse works it is definetly slower than with the keyboard.

Trackpad works fine, altough as fzinken says you don’t really need it. Use the “tab” and arrow keys to navigate mainly.

Because it works I’ve never looked into the sensitvity.

Old habits die hard. I’ve been using the pad/keyboard combination so long on other devices, it’s a comfort thing. Good to hear the basic pad works OK.

Just to confirm, the K400 Plus works well! Thanks for the input.