Logitech K400r not working on RPi2 OSMC

I was having trouble with my logitech k400 not working on OSMC, so I did a complete reinstall of OSMC and my K400 is still not working. I also have a FLIIRC for use with my remote, but I’d like to be able to use a keyboard as well.
Any help would be much appreciated, I’m not sure if I need to get drivers somewhere or something like that?

My K400r works out of the box, only issue is “@” & “"” keys mapped wrong.

Stupid question but have you checked the battery ?

I have tried swapping out the batteries, that doesn’t seem to be the issue.
Is there some way I would be able to tell if it’s a power draw issue? My RPi2 is powered by my TVs USB port, so it turns on when my TV turns on, and turns off when it turns off. I’ve been happily using my FLIRC with my my RPi2 with no power issues in the past.

My other possible thought was could there be some kind of interference with the FLIRC plugged in as well.

This is a total no go for two reasons:

  1. It is very unlikely that the TV USB provides enough power for the RPI2
  2. This would power-off the RPI2 with out a clean shutdown and therefore can lead to filesystem corruption (unless you manually shutdown the RPI2 every time before you power-off the TV)

Surprisingly, I had no real issues with it being powered by my television. That being said, I intend to test with a dedicated power supply and see if that gets the keyboard working.

Despite the keyboard story, please also consider my second remark

Probably a very ignorant question, but how do you go about turning the Pi2 on?
With no dedicated power button/switch. I understand I can shut it down from the menu, but powering on?

Not very ignorant, basically you only can switch it on by replugging power (unless you have installed something like the PIco)
But on the otherhand due to the low power usage the Pi normally is running 24.7 and not being switched off therefore most people don’t need a way to switch it on.

That makes sense. I’ll try a dedicated PSU and report back. Are there any good tools to scan for file system corruptions/errors I may have already incurred?

They are normally repaired when you reboot. But you might want to check the output of dmesg

On the OSMC screen with the power button on the bottom left there is an option to “Power Off”

I also bought one of these off e-bay, sits between my power supply and the Pi. E-Bay Switch. Works a treat.

On newer pis there are also two unpopulated header pins that issue a reset if bridged.

Looks like this thread is getting a bit stale but I’m following anyway. I have a RPi2b with a fresh install of osmc. I also have a k400 which seems to work everywhere but on the OSMC install. The latest release is suppose to have better bluetooth support but on my install there isn’t an option for Bluetooth visible in the networking section… I’m at a loss trying to get it to work.

This would indicate that your Bluetooth adapter is not recognised. Suggest you post the output of dmesg

Isn’t the k400r using its own proprietary dongle rather than Bluetooth ?

Yes, I can confirm my K400r has it’s own dongle and works a treat with my Pi :slightly_smiling:

Most proprietary dongles that come with “wireless” keyboards/mice are not actually bluetooth. Even though the over the air protocol might be similar to bluetooth, the dongle presents itself as a keyboard/mouse and not as a bluetooth controller, thus it will not appear as a bluetooth controller in My OSMC.