Long press behavior in list view

I’m about to update my Vero4K which will change the remote’s behavior.

I’ve read the [HowTo] OSMC Remote - Long-Press Keymap Guide, but I don’t see any information on scroll behavior in lists (movies, tv shows, … View: List) in movie lists. Will it still scroll down/up when I long press the down/up keys?
I’m asking, because long press functionality basically disables key repeat.

Long-press only disables key repeat when a long-press action has been assigned. Because of this our custom keymap has no long-press assignments for the direction buttons outside of full screen video, virtual keyboard (only the up and down), and file manager windows (only the left and right) as disabling key repeat in those locations should not be an issue.

You can optionally turn off the custom keymap if you wish, or alternatively, if you find any key that has has repeat disabled that you find undesirable you can re-enable it by making an empty tag for the long-press in question, in a custom keymap which will remove the long-press and re-enable key repeat.

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