Long Press Context Menu

How do you set up the Vero 4k remote and Logitech Harmony Remote so when I long press “OK” the context menu pops up?

I believe you can do this using the Keymap Editor add-on

I downloaded that add-on, and when I long-pressed on the remote it treated it as if I just normally pressed the button.

This might be because of a repeat filter. Which remote profile are you using? You may have some joy with manually editing the remote XML (albeit it’s more tricky)

I’m using osmc-remote-lircd

That’s an RC5 profile, so might not give the best results. The 360 remote profile might be better.

The 360 remote profile wasn’t working with my Logitech Harmony, but it’s ok I can use other buttons for the context menu. My other question is there anyway to make the reaction time on the Logitech Harmony remote as fast as the remote that comes with the Vero without using Bluetooth?

This might be possible by using ir keytable, but is not a trivial process

You might take a look and see what your Inter-key Delay setting is in the Harmony software. The setting is a bit buried but a Google search will get you the info you need. I have mine set to 100ms and it feels responsive to me.

Thanks I lowered the setting to 0ms.

So did that get you the responsiveness that you were looking for?

The remote that it came with is still faster but it’s better

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IR will never be blazingly fast unfortunately