Long press doesn't work

I just purchased a new VERO+ last month and when I go to Files and do the long press to bring up the menu to add a hard drive doesn’t work :frowning:

Is that configured by default? Didn’t see it in the list from @darwindesign

Long press has nothing to do with Key mapping my Raspberry’s works well with OSMC using the long press

The key mapping is what dictates exactly what happens on any given window when it receives various inputs; short and long press. OSMC has a special key map that loads when it sees the OSMC remote that makes more extensive use long press than Kodi’s default map. That guide that @fzinken linked to should answer most relevant questions.

As for your particular issue I may need for you to be a bit more specific to understand your concern. The menu button is programmed globally to the context menu action and long press to the menu action (the menu action brings up the hidden side menu on screens that have one). These are the only two types of menus in Kodi. If your referring to the OK button not bringing up the context menu as it does with default Kodi mappings then you can add this back using information in the aforementioned guide if you wish. That was purposely removed as it is redundant on a remote with a dedicated menu button. If you are referring to something else I would need to know exactly what button your pressing in which window, using which skin, and what action your expecting to happen.

Very disappointed in OSMC not having this already turned on :frowning: Already lost in trying to do this

As explained in the guide you can turn off our custom keymap in the input settings of the GUI and this will return the mapping back to Kodi defaults if this is preferable to you.

I am willing to assist anyone with whatever tweaks they want to make to the keymaps. To do so I would need relevant information.

Well found the Context Menu - C programmed it and now nothing works

How in the world am I suppose to assist you if you don’t provide me with any details of exactly what your trying to do and what your trying to do it with? What does “C programmed it” mean? Are you saying that you are using Keymap Editor and you programed global to keymap “C” to the context menu? That is already the mapping but “C” is not output by the OSMC remote in OSMC. Am I to assume that you are using a different remote than the one supplied with the Vero?

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I am trying to use OSMC Vero remote for Context Menu - C so I can add hard drive with long press

As already stated the context menu is mapped to a regular short press of the menu button (the button with an icon of three lines). As per the guide this remote in OSMC is not sending the keyboard “C” key.


All versions of the OSMC remote will map as follows if being used in OSMC running March 2020 update or newer…

Home  = escape        (key id="61467")
Info  = leftbracket   (key id="61480")
Up    = up            (key id="61568")
Down  = down          (key id="61569")
Left  = left          (key id="61570")
Right = right         (key id="61571")
OK    = return        (key id="61453")
Back  = browser_back  (key id="61616")
Menu  = rightbracket  (key id="61481")
Play  = play_pause    (key id="61629")
Stop  = stop          (key id="61628")
Vol-  = volume_down   (key id="61624")
Vol+  = volume_up     (key id="61625")

Make sure the device is up to date by going to My OSMC -> Updates -> Manual Controls -> Check for Updates now.

Am I supposed to SSH this in ?

@Rickt1962 You complain about a different behaviour of the OSMC remote control shipped with the Vero4k+ compared with your Pi with OSMC.

Some questions to understand your situation:

  • What remote control you’re using with the Pi? Hopefully also an OSMC remote control otherwise you’re comparing apples and oranges.
  • It is not clear what menu you’re talking about but a screenshot or photo could help. We assume you mean the Files menu below Videos or Music?

No need for SSH using the default functions of the OSMC remote.
The context menu is already mapped to a short press of the menu button (see below).

If you are not using the OSMC remote but a 3rd party remote that you before had used on the Pi. Then just either activate it via MyOSMC or just transfer your keymap over.

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Thank YOU so much thats IT !!! the long press on other remotes have been button “OK”