Long press support on the OSMC remote


Depending on how you re-mapped it, you should be able to just hold down to lower / raise volume.


Strange, because I’ve never got this to work as you describe.
I’ve mapped it in the ‘Global’ section through the Kodi Key-map addon.

Under /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps i have a file named ‘gen.xml’ containg the following information:

<keymap><global><keyboard><key id="227">volumeup</key><key id="226">volumedown</key></keyboard></global></keymap>


Putting device into suspend mode by long pressing “Stop” button please.

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This function would be a good addition, however in a sample of just one I would say using the home button for it might be better for WAF (that’s what she who must be obeyed says anyway lol)


Hi Sam,

Sounds good, however I rely on the volume keys as my vero is connected to a PC monitor, with audio via 3.5mm.

If holding down the Volume Up or Down keys counted as a long press, altering the volume would become very tedious (requiring multiple single button presses).

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:slight_smile: maybe customizable options from the suggestions above?

so we can choose if we want mute or sdby or … or not per button?




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Yes – I’m sure it could be made configurable.
My goal here was to seek out some sane defaults


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I’m trying to map long press on the OSMC RF remote to turn off the TV. Something like this:

      <key id="37" mod="longpress">CECStandby</key>

I’m guessing mod="longpress" doesn’t work currently?


Long press is currently supported with eventlircd


@sam_nazarko - can we now configure long press button inputs through the keymap editor? I am unfamiliar with eventlircd.


It’s a bit involving to set up currently, I think we’ll set some sane defaults instead.