Long press support on the OSMC remote


I’ve been looking at improving some functionality on the OSMC remote controller, and utilising long press functionality to add support for more features.

Some initial ideas:

  • Toggling mute by holding Volume Down or Volume Up keys
  • Toggling subtitles on and off by holding the Play / Pause key

I’d be keen to hear some ideas




Please, Oh Please… yes yes yes… :slight_smile:

Just my suggestions so far. I’m sure others will chime in. There were a couple of suggestions in our team chat from @JimKnopf; @chillbo; @fzinken.


Yes, I’ll add my suggestions to the list here…

  • skip to next/previous chapter by holding skip forward/backward keys
  • toggle into paused/background video playback by holding home key
  • open process player overlay during video playback by holding info key

Those three I’ve configured on my Harmony as well and they come quite handy :wink:

+1 for keymapable longpresses :slight_smile:

With my old setup i triggered some shellscripts for controlling the lights and stuff.


If that is the debug window I would like that as well.
Thought up/down button already did chapter change?

That’s exactly the one…

Does it? :see_no_evil:

skip to next/previous item in playlist by holding skip forward/backward keys

would work well for me

Most definitely quick long keypress access to subtitles (and potentially audio stream) would be great a la oppo player interface type of thing.


Long press to eject external hdd hehe. Mighty useful especially when TV screen is off.

Don’t have an oppo, but I would like the dropdown menu instead of a simple toggle.
@sam_nazarko perhaps what ever is decided could be new defaults. And add an option in the OSMC app to customise the buttons?

If long press support is going to be added then just make it user configurable… This is one of those things where everybody is going to have different requirements for buttons.

For instance on my remote I have the Vol+ button set to toggle the watched status when in the library but during playback I have Vol-+ set to change audio and subtitles. In the library I have the Info button set to toggle the view between All Videos and Unwatched Videos but during playback it’s set to display chapters/bookmarks.

I’m guessing that at the OS level long press just sends out a different key code so just let people map them to what ever they need using the KeyMap Editor addon.


Sounds good.

Long press to “remove from library” selected file.
Would be great :+1::wink:

Vote for toggle audio passthrough on/off :+1:

Edit: or add the possibility to edit the complete mapping via gui

I’d say that, if long-press would be added, it would be possible to map the long-press versions of each button manually as well… Like it is with the currently usable buttons of our remote.

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How did you change the behaviour of the vol buttons?

Use the Keymap Editor add-on in Kodi.

As Sam said the easiest way is using the KeyMap Editor addon but if you want to manually edit the keymap then Vol+ is key id 208 and Vol- is key id 209

For me having the the first version of the OSMC-remote without the dedicated volume buttons and having to map them with the Kodi Key-Map editor.
I would rather see the possibility to be able to long press volume up/down for adjusting volume instead of having to press it like 50 times. I’ve searched the forums looking for ways to achieve this but it seems that it is not technical possible for whatever reasons that goes over my head, something about repeat filters (?)
If there is any other way to achieve this please let me know.

As I have a very simple setup with the Vero4K just connected to my TV and therefore it would be very useful have this.

I have previously used the Nyxboard remote (sadly discontinued) and it had long press volume up/down out of the box without any need for modification.