Long press volume up/down with 1st version OSMC-remote


I have the the first version of the OSMC-remote without the dedicated volume buttons and I have therefore mapped the ff & rw buttons to control volume up/down with the Kodi Key-Map editor addon.

It was my understanding that this would make it possible to long press volume up/down for adjusting volume instead of having to press it like 50 times. I’ve searched the forums looking for ways to achieve this but it seems that it is not technical possible for whatever reasons that goes over my head, something about repeat filters (?)

I would be very grateful if someone could shed some light on this, Sam has commented earlier that it should be able to work this way, but why my setup won’t work this way is beyond me.

I’ve mapped the buttons in the ‘Global’ section through the Kodi Key-map addon.

Under /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps i have a file named ‘gen.xml’ containg the following information:

<keymap><global><keyboard><key id="227">volumeup</key><key id="226">volumedown</key></keyboard></global></keymap>

Thanks in advance!


Long press isn’t supported at the moment but Sam is working on it.

When long press works, having volume up/down using long press should be doable too.


Ok, thanks for your input. I guess I’ll have to wait for any news regarding long press then.