Long term concern about Plex support

So the Vero 4k + is the only Plex client I have that reliably plays back all the 4k HDR Media I have on my server. The Xbox app struggles with this media and android apps work but are not on my TV.

I posted a recent question about live TV channels on the Plex forums and the Plex Dev said the Kodi version of plex is not supported any longer whihc is very worrying.

I suspect at some point the Plex Server version will no longer work with the Plex Kodi client that the Vero 4k + uses. What is the plan for Vero to work around this once that happens? I use the Vero only for plex cause it is the only piece of hardware that work with all my media on plex.

You can just use the Plex Kodi Connect add-on instead, or assuming Plex supports DLNA, connect via that.

DLNA will probably have issues with 4k HDR, also what is the difference between the Kodi connect Add on and the Plex app I downloaded for the Vero 4k?

Things are working great now on the Vero and the Plex app I’m using for it, I’m just concerned that one day a new server version of plex will break the Plex Kodi client that Plex says they no longer support

DLNA is just a protocol. If you have transcoding off, you will get 4K.

The Plex Kodi Connect add-on is unofficial but still maintained.

So how do I know which Plex app I’m using on the Vero 4k+? Is the Connect Add-on the only one? If so then it works great and I have no issues,

I just don’t want to update my plex server one day and find my plex app on my vero can’t connect and play anything because a new server version locked out old plex clients

I’m not worried about “official” support or new fansy features I just want Plex to play the 4k HDR media I have which it currently does perfectly.

That would probably be up to the plex guys wouldn’t it? Best asking them if they plan to stop vero connecting

Probably but doubt they would give a legit answer, just curious if anyone is aware of this and has any insights into it. Would be a shame cause the Vero is easily the best Plex Client I have ever used it plays everything I throw at it.

I’m also probably still confused between the Plex app for Vero I’m using and the “Plex Kodi Connect add-on” are they the same thing?

Can you not see what your addon is called? Is it listed in my addons?

They’re two different add-ons.
Plex might discontinue support for their add-on but I don’t see a reason why Kodi would stop having a compatible Plex add-on that’s maintained over the years.

How do I tell which version of the plex app I’m using on the Vero 4k? I want to make sure I’m using the “Plex Kodi Connect add-on” since it seems that one will have the long term support

Go to the addon press c and settings and that should give you name and version

The Plex add-on gives the same type of interface as you would see with the Plex web interface or the Plex app on another platform. In contrast PKC is an add-on that connects to your Plex server and inserts links to that media into Kodi’s’ regular library so the UI your using is Kodi’s, not the normal Plex one.

As for it stop working in the future I don’t think there is too much concern for that. The add-on is not special for the Vero/OSMC. It is a Kodi thing and the same for everyone who uses Kodi on all platforms. Plex had dropped support for it in the past and someone else released their own version to keep it working. Plex has since taken over support of that add-on again. From what I can tell Plex has very little interest in updating it like it does on closed source platforms, but I doubt you have much to worry about losing functionality that is currently there.

Another add-on that must be considered to access Plex Server is “Composite”. Very good add-on, and is updated regularly.

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Yea I’m definitely using a Plex APP on my Vero, it launches in the add ons section and look similar to any other plex app on other devices.

It works great so i hope plex does not drop server connectivity from it any time

Nice. I was not aware of that one but just gave it a go and it is an interesting option to the other two. It doesn’t have the normal “Plex interface” but I personally like that it has the normal Kodi add-on style menu structure. I had zero issues getting it going either. Install, authorize with a web browser, sorted. It was installed and playing a 4K HDR TrueHD movie flawlessly in two minutes. Nothing to complain about there. I saw in the settings that it even has support for the new intro skip feature that someone was recently asking about. It will even do the PKC trick to add your Plex library as a Kodi source if someone was so inclined.

So how do to install it? just search for “composite” in the repository or another method?

It is in the normal Kodi repository under the video addons category.


I presume this is the one you’re currently using - GitHub - plexinc/plex-for-kodi: Offical Plex for Kodi add-on releases. - which is still being worked on.
Prefer this over Plex Kodi Connect.

Yea it is version 0.2.1 of the plex add on