Looking for a good beginer tutorial for samba

I try to install a share folder that can communicate with my mac on osmc with samba . I try to install this folder on the same SD card that osmc is. I have tried to follow different tutorials with no good result. Most of them put the folder on external hardrive.
Maybe in my attempt to follow other tutorials, I have mixed stuff. So, first I will like to restart clean samba. Do I just reinstall it to be sure thats like clean install and after that fellow a good tutorial for beginner.
let me know

Are you planning to use an external USB drive for this new shared folder or still planning on using the SD Card?

Removing and then re-adding samba isn’t going to help if you have been making changes to files that are outside of what were deployed by samba < to the best of my knowledge, I might be wrong.

On a side note, what amount of data are you looking to share? SD cards are usually 8-32 GB, you could get an external USB with about 1TB of space for less that US $100.00

At the moment I do not plane to add external hard drive. I have a 32 Gb, it is more to share files not to keep it on it. at the moment i more a experiement for me to learn about linux, raspberry pi and network.

Is it safe to assume that you are using the latest build and have access to the pi via ssh? Did you install samba from the app store?

One noob to another, I can tell you how I installed samba and was able to access the SD card and also what I did to setup my external usb hdd, but if you are having issues accessing the SD card (over samba) then most likely I’ll be running around in circles myself.

When you put in the IP of the pi, do you see nay shared folders? Can you ping the pi from your mac?

I think I will erase and restart everything, just to be sure that I did not do unwanted things. If you want to let me know the step from the beginning to install samba and create a share folder, on my SD card that will be good .

Remove what ever samba application that you installed and delete or move /etc/samba. When everything is clean just install samba from the MyOSMC App store and your home folder /home/osmc will be shared. You then can add the folder you want to share there.