Looking for a new power supply (Canada)

Vero 4K was refusing to boot earlier, solid red light and no HDMI signal. Used a USB cable to the white port and was able to boot, identifying the power supply as the most likely culprit.

Am happy to keep using USB as the power source, but doing so means moving the dongle for the remote to the other USB port and the remote no longer works. I’m guessing this is due to not enough power to drive it.

Assuming I need a new power supply, can someone point me in the direction of somewhere in Canada to source one? Barrel plugs seem to come in way too many variations and I don’t trust myself to select the right one.

I found one that is 5.5mm x 2.1mm 5V 2A but doesn’t say if it’s type M and doesn’t show the barrel so I can’t check for the spring.

Or maybe a USB to barrel, plugged into a standard USB wall adapter?

Thanks in advance!

You can grab them here;


Thanks Sam. Checked Store - OSMC yesterday but didn’t see that - closest I see listed is the Raspberry Pi one.