Looking for a new remote

Hey, I’m looking for advice on a new remote for my Vero 4K+. I’ve been using the remote that comes with the Vero, but it stopped working. I had a few gripes with my setup so now I’m looking for a replacement that does what I want. So what do I want? Ideally it would:

  • be simple remote with few buttons, like the OSMC remote
  • be able to control the power, volume and channels of my older LG tv
  • control the Vero directly, because CEC always takes a while to kick in
  • optionally control my LG blu ray player as well

I’m pretty tech savvy and wouldn’t mind programming some stuff.

What would be a good solution for this? Any suggestions?



Have you tried changing the battery or re-pairing the remote?

  • Remove the USB from Vero 4K / Pi
  • Hold Home and OK button for 5 seconds or so, then the blue LED will keep flashing.
  • Plug in the USB receiver and the LED should flash 3 times after 5 seconds, indicating successful pairing.
  • Power off Vero 4K / Pi for 2 minutes. Turn it back on. The remote should now work.

You should contact support@osmc.tv for replacement if you still experience a problem.

Hey Sam,

I have tried both after I found other threads on the topic, unfortunately it’s not working. I think it’s the dongle that’s failing.

Nevertheless it seemed like a good time to try and fix some minor issues like controlling the tv from the osmc remote.


This Logitech Harmony remote is my preferred remote.
I setup a Bluetooth connection to my Vero which can then be hidden if desired. It can control 8 devices and can have 6 activities like Watch TV, Watch Vero, Watch DVD/Bluray, Listen to music…
It is programmed with a smartphone and you can use the smartphone as a remote too.

Logitech recently announced that they’re getting out of the remote control business but will continue to support the remotes.

Hi BanditRider,

Thanks for the tip, I was looking at that one. Unfortunately it seems they’re no longer available where I live.
I’m looking at a cheap air mouse now: Rii i25 Mini Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad Mouse LED Backlit Rechargable Li-ion battery Riitek I’m hoping it will do what I want (concurrent IR + RF control, IR for TV and RF for the Vero)

Not sure if the IR part is programmable/learnable.

It is programmable, you can learn it from another remote