Looking for help to read and write to I. MX6DualLite Chip on board

I have a board that has the i.mx 6dualLite chip on it. I am trying to read and write to it by a port on the back that many of the pins go to. I want to connect to that port to my PC and get access to that chip. The chip model number is MCIMX6U6AVM08AC. I have added some pictures to show you what I am trying to do.

What exactly has this to do with the Linux distribution OSMC?

This is a Toucan-0700 HMI panel by the looks of it.
I think that’s only got 512M, so you may be a bit pushed for resources, especially as playback can sometimes require a 320M CMA at times.


This is an HMI but not a toucan-0700 this is for 2016-2017 GM vehicles infotainment system.

Good luck… I’m not sure how OSMC can help you here…

We used a DL in the original Vero, so in theory you could get it to work.
You’d need to create a device tree and patch UBoot at a minimum.

I have the same problem, have you solved, can you help me?

Unlikely that any more help, other than the direction advised already, will be provided here.