Looking for light absorbing wall paint for TV wall

Hi guys…

I’m in the process of redoing my TV room and since a lot of you have designated movie areas I thought asking here can’t hurt.

I’m looking for wall paint to put on the wall where the TV is mounted. I guess I could just paint it black but I figured I’ll ask first because there are probably special paints out there for that kind of purpose

The only paint i’m aware of that absorbs light glows back at you when you turn off the lights and I doubt that is what you are looking for. What you want is probably just flat sheen (as opposed to any kind of gloss) which will minimize reflections from any light source. The color of paint would be dependant on your TV and ambient light source. The darker your room will be, the less difference it will make as you will not be able to see the wall. If your going to be using enough ambient light the wall will be clearly visible I would make sure you don’t make the wall any darker than the black level of your TV. If you are using an LCD which does not make terribly deep black and you paint the wall darker than that then it will make your TV look like all the blacks are grey (this can actually happen when the room is too dark as well but usually to a lesser extent).

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Buy Dulux Mineral Haze 2. Use two coats.

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