Looking For Old OSMC Kodi 16

I need an old version of OSMC Kodi. I need Kodi 16 for a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Can someone help ?


I found this in my Downloads folder. It’s probably the last Jessie release OSMC

Thank you but I think the one I need is older.

Why do you need a specific version? Perhaps we can help another way.

For one thing, I am a big fan of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Too many times I have “updated” software only to have it either break completely or loose features that I use. In this case, though, it began because I run Kodi on two different devices - an older Raspberry Pi and an older Android TV box. I use a shared database so that they stay in sync. I couldn’t update the Kodi on the Android box so I was stuck with the older version [16] which works just fine for me. Now, I am replacing the Android box with another raspberry pi and, since this version 16 works fine for me as it is, I’d rather not knock it… I’m the odd ball out, I know…

I’d be surprised if scrapers from Kodi v16 still work.

You might have some luck on the Pi NOOBS archive.

So why not just clone the SD card?

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They’re still working on the Kodi 16 I’ve got running now… What is the PI NOOBS archive?

I tried that, but the original Pi is a model 1. At least I assume that that is why the clone wouldn’t work?

Which version was it (I couldn’t tell without installing it)?

I couldn’t tell either to be honest. I’m only going by the fact that the latest image I have for the Pi 1 is 2015 and from what I have found online, that was Jarvis? If I get a chance, Ill load it on a card this weekend and see what version it is.

I got mixed up between Jarvis and Jessie (Debian). I’ll have another look.

Try this from late 2016. Krypton emerged in February 2017 so you should be right.

I´m not sure, but I think your version is for Pi2 not Pi1?

Yes, that is the version @rebeltaz needed for his “new” Pi.

Sorry I mixed some informations.

Thank you! That worked perfectly.

lol… I love how you put quotes on “new” :slight_smile: Thank y’all so much.