Looking for OSMC Kodi 15

I want to make a standalone, MP3-CDG karaoke player from a Raspberry Pi 2. I used to use RaspBMC for this with KODI 15 and reverse phone lookup it worked flawlessly. The karaoke (CDG playback) was dropped by Kodi in version 16. Could somebody direct me to the last OSMC / RaspBMC version that used the Kodi 15 please. nba reddit I can’t seem to find it in any of the archives. A specific link would be swell. Thanks in advance

The oldest image I have lying around in the Rpi2 folder is OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20160802.img.gz but I’m not sure this is Kodi 15. The wayback machine has one listed from Mar 4 2016:


OSMC’s blog has an entry from 03 April 2016 about Kodi 16.1. So I guess the oldest one with Kodi 15.x should be from around the beginning of 2016.

A picture in an installation article gave me another idea: try an older version of NOOBS that comes pre-packaged with OSMC for the Rpi2.


€dit: Damn, doesn’t work. It doesn’t contain the images but downloads the latest one. While this is perfect for 99 % of users, it’s not what you want.