Looking for some more info about the Vero

Hi guys,
This is my first post so hi!

I have been looking for a streamer that supports HD audio for a little while and this search has led me to the Vero 4K. It appears it will do what I want but I have one or two questions if that is ok.

  1. Will the Vero OS connect to my NAS? I’m running OMV on a RPI2 and want to stream 1080p movies with HD audio (DTS-HD MA & DD TrueHD) from it.

  2. Can SPMC or kodi be installed onto the Vero 4K so I can load it up like I currently do on y FTV2? Currently I can use my FTv2 and access Amazon Prime stuff and then just fire up SPMC as & when I want to. Can I do the same with the Vero? I mean use it’s default OS And then just fire up SPMC as & when I want to use it? (Ps I know Amazon Prime won’t work on the Vero)

Thanks for any replies I get.


Yes, Vero supports many sharing protocals, smb, nfs & upnp.

Kodi comes installed by default, so the vero4k will load straight into kodi. I believe Amazon Prime support is coming in kodi 18.

Thanks Tom.


OSMC is a Linux based distribution, so you won’t be able to install SPMC until we have an Android release. With that said – there shouldn’t be a want to do so.

OSMC’s version of Kodi will bring you the same features as Kodi or SPMC with highly optimised playback.


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Thanks for the info guys, seems like this is going to be a good upgrade over my aftv2.

Will order in the newer few days :+1: