Looking for toggle

In my quest to optimize my remote setup and raise the ‘waf’ score a little more.
I’m looking for a toggle for the “Watch, unwatched, all videos” of the side blade menu.
I always end up having to go from the far right to the far left to reach that option every time i need it.
Kinda cumbersome when you have the movie wall listing enable, like 5 or 6 left arrow and a few more up or down arrow to finaly reach it.
That would be nice to have it has a toggle and map it to a button instead.

I don’t know off hand if there is a toggle to go between all three but if you only need to swap between all and unwatched you can use SendClick(14). I think this has to be used on a manually generated keymap and will get messed up if you try to use keymap editor afterwards (not entirely sure with the current version). It is already mapped to the long-press OK/enter button in the video libraries if you have an OSMC remote connected as it loads our custom keymap.

all or unwatch is perfect. Will try that.
I though we could drop multiple xml file in the keymap folder to prevent that problem about keymap editor.

You can, but last I checked that add-on still took any userdata keymaps other than gen.xml and renamed them to disable them. Additionally if it ran across any commands in gen.xml that it doesn’t understand (ie manually added actions because they are not built into the add-on) then it either removed them or just completely mangels up the keymap.

Basically, keymap editor is great until you outgrow it, at which point you should remove it and just go full manual. Besides, keymap editor only maps with keyid numbers and when your trying to trick out your remote this is a complete PITA when your editing as your trying to keep track of what numbers belong to what buttons instead of just being able to read the key names as your editing. For small maps this isn’t so much of an issue. Something a bit more tweaked like the one I linked to above, names are much easier to work with.

I maintain Keymap Editor, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for anything more than remapping a few straight forward things. I mostly took it on when it got abandoned during the Python2 to Python3 migration, and some of the assumptions and choices made with the original code are… interesting.

Then again, it’s trying to present in a GUI something that is really meant to be done manually in an XML file. When you add the restrictions of building the GUI with the skinning tools, I’m amazed it works at all sometimes.