Looking forward to a PC build :-)

As the subject says, i am looking forward to a PC build for my new NUC6CAYH. :osmc:

I’m running Libreelec on it at the moment, but prefer OSMC :osmc:, because all my other devices are running OSMC :osmc:, and the ability to easily customise the system as it is based on Debian, and of course the excellent support :slight_smile:

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Hi Thomas,

Yes – PC will take a little longer, because there’s a lot of work involved, and we don’t want it to just be another LibreELEC like appliance on PC. We’re working hard with some partners to guarantee what could be considered a quite unique experience on this platform.

But of course it won’t rival the Vero 4K ;), which I hope you are enjoying. Intel hardware just isn’t there yet, at least not without a discrete GPU (which involves high power consumption). Nonetheless, we recognise a need to support PC, even as a solid base while the ARM world is forever evolving.

When there’s something worth testing, we’ll let you know.


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Anything new here?


Unfortunately not yet – lots to do and very few hours in the day.