Looking to overly simplify OSMC on Raspberry Pi for very non-techie people

I’m looking to vastly simplify the OSMC user experience for some retired people whom are very non-techie. I basically need it to go directly into the video files section, hopefully eliminate pictures, music altogether. It’s really just going to be a simple media player for them. Thoughts? Anything I can do to make it super user-friendly?


sudo nano /etc/rc.local

Try to add this at the end (test it directly in the ssh console to see if it works as you wish):

kodi-send --action=“ActivateWindow(videos)”



Another way is to set it within kodi:


and change Startup windows to Videos.

Then when kodi startups, they can either select Files, Playlists or Video Addons.

Thanks Tom.

Thanks Tom.

I knew there had to be a faster way. I’m a complicated person :joy:

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I suspect /etc/rc.local will run too early to be of use here. It used to be the case that it would run when the basic system had reached runlevel 3 but I seem to recall that it now runs before even networking is fully up. It’s almost as if “they” don’t want us to use it any more.

If we’re looking at running a command, then I think a better bet would be to create a systemd .service file that contains the line After=default.target. Then the command will (hopefully) be run after Kodi has started.

Yeah, thought as much, I knew such a simple thing would be possible from the settings, I was just lazy to search for it…

The geek in me likes to mess with kool stuff like systemd but I think your answer probably wins.

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Ok, awesome…I will try that when I get home tonight. Is it also possible to have separate sections for both movies and tv shows?


There is probably a better way to do this, but I would add 2 video sources (folders) one with movies and one with tv shows.


Thanks Tom.

Chuck it in autostart.py.

Yep, that looks like it should do the trick :slight_smile:
Thanks, Tom…and everyone else too for their input!