Looping video on a usb memorystick

Can anyone tell me how I can loop videos on a memorystick so that I can use the system for an exhibition display. I have the videos playing continuously until it reaches the end of the last file. It won’t go back to the start of the first.
Note: First time Pi user, so please keep it simple. :relaxed:

Thank you.

Try this:

Thanks popcornmix.

I’ll try working that backwards and let you know.

Good news, I found it abd I now have looping videos.
Thank you. You’re a diamond geezer. (That’s good)

So how do you do it?

Using this for few weeks ago now, with a Raspberry Pi 3, in an exhibition.

After using this I got to the conclusion that OSMC is probably overkill for the task.

I found the instructions clear, the only thing they didn’t cover was that to activate SSH on a headless Raspbian installation (the newer versions) you need to add a blank file named “ssh” in the root of the SD Card where it’s installed.

Thanks! I"ll give it a try. But I’m pressed for time and I already have OSMC installed. Any idea how to make it work on OSMC? Nothing I’ve found is helpful.

Have you tried this?

Installing the Raspberry Pi Video Looper takes no time at all and just plain works.

Insert a USB stick with a video and it starts on it’s own, remove the stick and it stops.
No need for navigating into menus or even a remote or keyboard.

If you want to keep your OSMC installation I’d recommend getting another micro SD for this project, they’re relatively inexpensive nowadays and you can always use it later for another project.

With that said, the original Popcornmix suggestion also sounds like it works, the instructions are clear to me.

I did, yeah. Couldn’t figure it out.

I ended up going with JoaquinB’s suggestion and installed Pi Video Looper. Worked like a charm.

Thanks! I did end up installing Pi Video Looper. Worked like a charm.