Looping when FForwarding or Rewinding

I have 3 RPi2s running the stable release of OSMC, and I’ve noticed an issue when fast forwarding or rewinding networked TV or Movie videos. Whenever I hit FF or Rewind, the video displayed will repeat the same 3-4 seconds of video, jump back (or ahead) 3-4 seconds, then loop the next 3-4 seconds of video before doing the same with the next “chunk” of video. This makes the FF or Rewind function take considerably longer than it should. I would expect that FF or Rewind would progress at a steady pace, without repeating any video clips.

I’ve searched this forum, and I don’t see any mention of this. However, since it is doing it on all 3 of my RPis, I don’t know where to look or what setting I need to change to stop this behavior. I would appreciate any suggestions as to what might be causing this.

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BTW…this happened with the release candidates, I’m just now getting around to inquiring about this issue.

You don’t say what the source of the video is - is it in your library on local storage or a network share, (if so what kind of network connection) or is it streaming via an addon.

A kodi debug log taken when this is occurring would be helpful too.

Mine happens all the time - .mp4 files played from powered external hard drive…

I noticed something similar. With some movies, when I hit up on the remote and then up again quickly, it will play the start of the same chapter again but not procede to the next one. Need to wait until the osd is gone. then I can skip again.

On RPIB2 I’ve always had looping/jumping with fast rewind on mp4 and XVid AVI files.
logfile is at


When fast rewinding there seems to be a lot of messages with “RESET” in the text ( could be coincidental?)

Local video files on USB stick.

If you mean that fast rewind does not actually play backwards, but plays small sections of video forwards then jumps back further after each small section then this is the way that fast rewind works on Kodi on the Pi.

Not a bug.

You may be correct that it is not a bug but it appears that it is repeating the same sections multiple times (possibly with very small decrements each time) such that it isn’t really a fast rewind at all.

Yes, that’s the way that it behaves. Truly playing back video backwards frame by frame is a lot harder than it looks, especially on low powered hardware like the Pi.