Loss of connection SMB or FTP


I encounter loss of connection to Kodi SMB or FTP. For example when I access Kodi with my phone through SMB or FTP, I lose the connection from time to time after ~10 minutes playing movie (my wifi access is nevertheless OK).
Do you have an idea to solve the problem.


I would be looking at an issue with your network. A good place to start would be to reboot your router and any access point you may be running. Check your signal strength on your wifi and maybe try another channel. Other than that you might get very specific on what hardware your using and how your using your system and someone here may be able to glean some insight from that.


I’ve try to reboot my router but same issue.

PI connected on the same network SSID of my phone. Both are on wifi and with max power received.

Is there a way to have events or logs of the smb or ftp ?


General logs can be uploaded with grab-logs -A

Also you would have to explain your setup a bit more. Did you install the samba server and are you accessing the files with a smb client on your phone?


Yes, I’ve activate the smb and ftp servers in osmc setup (my osmc) I try to connect on my phone with esexplorer with smb ou ftp client and it’s the same.


Well as written you can share the general via grab-logs -A also can check samba logs at /var/log/samba/